Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Specialist

Hammerbreaker :39% XP. Read some advice that you can enter Sanctus Seru and bank, sell loot, and do a few other things in the town and decided to check it out. Right at zone in though, I run into guards who decide to kill me. I love their exclamation - "The nerve!". Ran out quickly.

Picked up a few more hides. Also transferred latest Bazaar earnings to his account - now holding more than 18k plat. Got back to Marus Seru and noted a nice group right about 30th level so logged on......

Woundbane :Ding 30. 50% xp. We grouped for quite a while and I got all the greyhopper hides that dropped. Man, it was easy - I was at full mana the whole time and sat and read a book while we fought. None of them were in a guild unfortunately.

Ran back to the PoK and sold and banked. Trained in specialization skill. So now, I've got an additional skill called specialization : X, where X is abjuration, alteration, etc. The first of these that rises over 50 is your "real specialization"(?), and can go to a really high skill level. Others are capped at 50; all of these are now at 30.

So I need to ensure Alteration goes over 50 first. Time to travel to Crushbone or some other lowbie zone and heal the lowbies until the skill jumps to 51. Crushbone sounds good as collecting orc scalps would be nice; can give them to Hammer and do it right this time (1 scalp at a time!).

Have about 50 hides to transfer to Hammerbreaker too.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Marus Seru

Hatereaper :10% xp. Moved him back into Paludal and to his killing spot (2nd lake from Shadeweaver's side).

Woundbane :82% xp. Good session, grouped with two rangers in Marus Seru and we pulled many a stonegrabber and wasted it. Should achieve level 30 next session.

We didn't go after greyhoppers, but a high-level was. When he got into sight I asked for greyhopper hides and he passed on about a dozen. I gave him some LQ hides in exchange. So this also helped with Hammer's quest to make that damned blanket.

Hammerbreaker :39% XP. It just keeps creeping up. Hunted more greyhoppers, got more hides, not too many greyhopper ones but a lot of LQ hides. Did not actually tailor, don't have enough hides to run all the way back to the PoK, and have it be worthwhile. Wasn't able to buy any in the bazaar either. Still, making progress.

Tailoring is 81. I'm going to get it to 95 before trying to make the blanket. One thing is for sure - everything I'm making now has a high failure rate so this is the smart course, raising the skill first.

While wasting the little hoppers managed to pull Reothe from one of the recuso camps - a dark blue con who hits pretty hard and forced me to run to zone. He intrigued me enough I think I will try to empty his little camp and see if I can take him alone. I may have had problems as I also had two recusos and two greyhoppers on me as well as the named. It can't hurt either, taking out those guys is good for various Seru factions.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Goal Check

Goals for characters -
Bonebank : Level up.
Bloodskull : Jeez, get around to playing him already.
Bravestone : Make 20 for new spells; enjoy Unrest.
Hammerbreaker : Tailoring to 95, finish Coldain ring quest #1.
Hatereaper : Ding 15 for new spells.
Littleoak : Farm silks, forage, and level @ Shadeweavers.
Woundbane : Make 30 and learn specialization skills.

Still tailoring

Hammerbreaker :Still tailoring. Hide after hide after hide drops from little green greyhoppers in Marus Seru. Many of them are low-quality, not good enough to skill up on. I wander the zone and lay waste to the critters one after another. I mix it up a bit by wasting the occasional light blue recuso or stonegrabber (XP now 37%! Wow!). I forget how high my tailoring is, but I'm not done yet. And as dull as this is becoming, it's better than hunting tundra kodiaks, for the moment.

When I see other people they are sometimes nice enough to pass on greyhopper hides. Everyone collects the low-quality hides instead. I've gotten maybe 15 hides this way.

Paid an insane amount of money for a stack of 40 pelts in the bazaar. I should recoup this by selling the low quality hides I'm collecting - about 60 of them now. And if any more appear in the bazaar you can bet I'll be buying them right away. Not onesie-twosies - but I'll buy a stack of 20 for just about any price.

I think I'm tired of my guild. The leaders are never on, they're busy in real life, there's never any members logged on, and we really don't help one another at all. Nor talk. I think I will de-guild Woundbane and see if I can get him into another guild. Should be easiest for a cleric, and that way I'm just removing an alt in case things pick up again in the current guild.

Saturday, June 26, 2004


Hammerbreaker :Tailoring increased to 54 by the Abysmal Sea quest. That takes a lot of time. Managed to also get one additional point in baking, so now 191, via baking patty melts.

Ran Hammer out to Marus Seru and began farming greyhoppers. Got a few pelts, and it becomes obvious that getting a bunch will take a very long time. Well, what can you do. Last thing I want to do is fail the blanket combine.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Got the pelts

Hammerbreaker :35% xp. Killed various things and hunted Kodiaks, and finally got two of each, Pelts and Cougarskins. Spent some time getting back to the PoK, selling off, and rearranging inventory and stuff like that. You have to make the Saucy Bearmeat immediately; the Saucy stacks, while the meats by themselves do not.

Spent some time thinking about how to create Garadain's blanket - trivial is reported as 41. Yet there are people who complain about failing its creation even over the trivial. I'm not sure how high I'll go. But the plan is

1) Do the tailoring quest in Abysmal Sea to get to 54.
2) Do Greyhopper armor pieces up to 85ish.

Did get started on the Abysmal tailoring. Now the Greyhopper hides I saw in the bazaar were pricey. But they can be farmed in Marus Seru. So this gave me a reason to log off and log on......

Woundbane :Scouted out Marus Seru. It was late by the time I logged him and nobody was in the zone. Took out a single greyhopper; required 70% of my mana. And I did get a Greyhopper hide. Should be able to log him on when more people are in the zone and group - the mobs are still dark blue to him which is nice.

Littleoak :Got a Ring of Frost and a Frozen Mantle thanks to the magic of the shared bank slot and Hammer's recent Eastern Wastes trip.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Are you reading this?

I'm curious if anyone is actually reading this. Please leave me a comment if you are; a simple "Yes I am" would be appreciated.

Got one

Hammerbreaker : 22% XP or so. Got killed immediately after starting this session. Note to self : a snow griffin is a powerful opponent, never mind if it's blue. Tried to hire someone for the rez and was told the fee is usually about 100 plat. Wow - seems pretty high. I figured forget it and I'm glad I did.

So ran back to the corpse in Eastern Wastes and someone had exited one of the dungeons in the zone with a cleric. He rezzed me for free - 50% at least. Just had to drag the corpse to Sleepers Tomb.

Then set to work. Wasted a lot of snow bunnies. Mmmm, snow bunny meat. Also fought a wooly rhino for the first time, tough fight, but he was doable, I just had to sit down and heal up immediately after as I was down to around 30% health. Got a Wooly Rhino Horn too ! Woo hoo! Turns out this horn is a rare drop, and is needed for the Ring quest #3.

Ran to zone twice more because I got griffins attention. I can make it if I run immediately. Also took out some dervishes, dire wolves, several snow cougars (No HQ skins though), and discovered a tundra mammoth is too tough for me to fight as well.

And Tundra Kodiaks - the whole reason I'm here. Didn't see many and had little hope for the night, but around the sixth and last one I saw finally paid off. After I wasted it, I had the precious High Quality Tundra Kodiak Pelt. Now I've got one of those and (I think) one snow cougar skin. One of each to go.

Would have been better to grind some XP as well but you can't have everything.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Scrap one quest

Woundbane :Went to the bazaar and checked out shields. It turns out that the Crystal Webshield is almost as good as the Dread Forged shield; so close, in fact, that I'm abandoning plans to pursure this quest. I bought one for 35p, which is what I got in a round of adventuring in Unrest. Why go through all the hassle ?

Well Woundbane spent the last two earth-days wandering around. Bought the components for the Earring of the Solstice and made that; got killed getting there. To get this earring you must travel to Fungus Grove, and you get to Fungus Grove through the Echo Caverns. Echo Caverns has these non-targetable mobs which are bloodsucking plants. One of them grabbed me and I couldn't get away and got killed. Eventually I got the earring.

Next, decided to check out Tower of Frozen Shadow. The way I got there was by running; next time I get a port. Porting brings you right next to the tower. Anyway, there's this big black crystal tower in the middle of the frozen tundra, surrounded by mobs called "Shadow Guardians". They conned from dk blue to yellow to me; and aggroing one looked like it would aggro 3-4 of them. I stood around for awhile, and snuck past them and got in.

Two level 65's were in there. Nice guys - but it was just them. Some hot spot. I wandered around, and could not handle the shadow beasts as I would get two if I tried to get any. There's a pit in the middle of the zone and a slippery floor right next to it; even forewarned I almost fell in.

Found out there are skeletons in here too, laying on the ground like a corpse. Sneaky. I walked up to one and aggroed it. Tried to nuke it down but didn't have enough mana; rooting was a bad idea as it only stuck for one nuke. Then I aggroed some more. Ran like crazy to the zone, and I made it.

Now I'm clearly in trouble - a little cleric with little mana in the middle of shadow guardians. As I sit down to med, one of them comes tearing out after me and starts whacking. I run around for awhile till I've got some mana, and manage to get a gate off while the thing is still hitting me.

Took a run over to Unrest, nobody there, couldn't clear a zoneout path, so left. Went to take a look at Marus Seru, nobody there, and trying to pull a mob resulted in two. Camped after that, just a bit discouraged and annoyed.

Ended with 35% XP and no good idea where to go next.

Hammerbreaker :20% XP. Hunted Tundra Kodiaks. Didn't find many - and no HQ pelts dropped.

Took a look for these in the bazaar. One was on sale for 1000 plat. Sheesh! Sorry, I'd rather just slaughter things in this zone for awhile, I'm getting decent XP even if it's a bit slow. Everything is blue, except snow bunnies. If I could get a group things would be great, except, that in a group I'm sure we'd have the issue of who gets the pelts if any were found.

I'm wondering if the Kodiaks have placeholders. No notes at Allakhazams that they do. I wandered the entire zone looking for the stupid things. And yet, the time before, I found a huge valley full of them - more than I could kill. This was after a level 61 was hunting for the pelts as well and wasting everything he found.

So probably my best strategy is to look around a little bit, in on center valley with tons of mobs in it, and to the south of that nearer to the ocean. If I find none or kill them all, then I'll start killing things in the valley and just see what happens. Could be worse; after all, even killing the lt blues gives me XP.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Enjoyed Mistmoore this time

Woundbane : Ding 29. 32% towards 30. Got into no less than four different groups in Mistmoore, with the final one being the best.

1st group were roleplayers, without much ability to actually get at the monsters. That was different, having a human cleric of Mith Marr grouping with dark elves :) . Only tolerable because it advances the destruction of evil. The group broke up quickly.

2nd group was a skilled bunch with high-level help. We ground unremarkably for awhile (other than, me accidentally gating out).

The fourth group was a full group, with a really skilled 40th lvl enchanter helping out. He pulled a mass of creatures and mezzed all but a few for us. We took them down one by one; my main job ended up being buffer, plus healing the enchanter. Eventually everyone got tired and the group broke up.

And so finally, level 29. Ran to pick up my new spells, and hit a bug in the Plane of Knowledge library. I was just barely on the edge of one portion of it, could not move, then suddenly fell for 20000 points of damage and died! Jeez, that sucks! Did manage to summon my corpse and keep on.

Bought all my level 29 spells, including the powerful AOE spell Word of Spirit. My wrath spell is cool too, a general purpose nuke with high damage. Scribed em, memmed em, and set up a saved spellset. Next time I log Woundbane it will be to waste kobolds in the Warrens for faction.

Bazaar : Bazaaring went well once again. Got enough cash for an earring of solstice kit for Woundbane; might be a good idea to do that first actually. I'm even out of supplies; usually that's Hammer's job and he's in the middle of Eastern Wastes.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Accomplished : Zero

Woundbane :4% XP - sheesh. Spent the night LFG and did not find one. Did buy a couple things in the bazaar. Nobody in Unrest, ran over to Mistmoore, and despite having 12 players standing around next to me nobody wanted a cleric. Sheesh!

Friday, June 18, 2004

Getting a clue

Woundbane :Long session. Ding 28 - 3% XP. This is actually very little progress for the time spent. Goal is to hit 29, get a new area-of-effect spell, and lay waste to kobolds in the Warrens, as part of the Dread Forged Shield quest.

I'm a cleric, for Marr's sake. Here I am soloing the undead, and then thinking I a) Will not get adds, b) won't need to retreat to zoneline, c) be able to use my gate spell while mobs are whacking me. And so, I sneak up to the 2nd floor of the house and keep on getting killed. Instead, he should only penetrate that far if the first floor is empty, like if other groups are taking them down. This way he can run to zone if there are adds rather than simply go down.

I tried pulling from the rear door for a bit. Lt blue mobs only. Took too long for me to clear a path that way. Not possible to clear a path through the front door or the side ones. Woundbane's days of soloing Unrest are over; he needs a group. Either that, or another group to clear out the 1st floor. Maybe I should have him go back to Mistmoore Castle.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Not much

Woundbane :82% XP. Again. I grouped up with my SK friend from yesterday, and it didn't work too well for me. I took all the loot, but he got all the XP. Still, managed to creep back up to where I was day before yesterday - as in, same XP I had before taking on the Abomination.

We sat on the side porch and tried to pull out there. Greens kept walking by and attacking us (dk blue to SK); plus it proved difficult to keep the mansion clear enough to pull blue-to-me mobs. Logged after awhile, although the SK dinged 19 and is at 40%.

Tonight, definitely fighting without him. I want to ding 29, get new spells, and then pursue the Dread Forged Shield quest further.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Questing Fun

Hammerbreaker :11% XP. I ran around for awhile in Great Divide and yes, most of the Drakkel wolves are now lt blue to me. So much for XP'ing in this area. So as to not waste the temp upon me, I ran out to the Eastern Wastes in search of the elusive Tundra Kodiak.

Well, not so elusive. Right about in the center of the zone is a shallow valley where tons of them congregate. The big challenge is getting a single kodiak and keeping away adds. I was chased to the Iceclad ocean a couple of times, and once back to Great Divide as I needed to sell.

The first Ring quest requires 2 HQ pelts from tundra kodiaks, and snow cougars. The cougars drop pelts pretty well, but the kodiaks are....... a real bear. {rimshot} So to do the quest the best way is to go exclusively after kodiaks, and get any cougar pelts as it happens. And, in this way, I killed a bunch of the kodiaks and a couple cougars, and have one HQ cougar pelt. One down, three to go. Kodiaks con mainly dk blue, some lt blue - snow cougars are nasty bastards that hit really hard and con dk blue.

After I realized how long this was going to take I looked for groupmates but found none; think I'll try again tonight.

Woundbane :Meant to just play him for a few minutes; ended up awake half the night. 70% XP - less than I started with.

Death #1 - snuck up to the 2nd floor. Tried to pull a single mob and got adds. Could not get back out. Dead on the steps at the rear of mansion.

Met up with a 47 ranger, who in exchange for 12 zombie skins promised to help me kill the Khrix Abomination, and therefore get the powder which drops for a cool quest - the Summoning of the Dread. To do this, first you have to turn in a greater lightstone to Khrix; this then spawns the abomination which you have to kill.

Boy, did we screw this thing up or what! Still, it was fun and ultimately successful.

So first I had to gate & run back to Unrest to get the lightstone. Next, ranger had hooked up with a low-level shadowknight and the three of us climbed up to the 2nd floor near Khrix's closet. And, he's not there. What happened ? Someone must have killed the little beggar. OK, not a disaster, we can wait for him to repop - everything in Unrest is on a 22 minute timer.

We stand outside of his closet on the 2nd floor. It's on the left side of the house as you enter. Fought a couple of mobs and they were fun - then, suddenly, Khrix pops. And he attacks us. The cheeky bastard! I'm mystified as to why he attacked, he usually is a live-and-let-live kind of guy.

Death #2 - We didn't run immediately from Khrix. I tried to turn in the lightstone anyway and got DOT'ed for my trouble. The shadownknight got killed. We ran and I got wasted on the way to the first floor.

Another long corpse run. Got a SOW at least, the guy who gave it to me was amused as I'd just asked for one a little while before. Made it back to Unrest and recovered the corpse.

So we were all unsure why we got attacked. Eventually I decided to just go in there alone, turn in the lightstone, and then pull the abomination. It made sense at the time; what we really should have done was have the ranger come along, or even do the turn-in himself.

Death #3 - After the turn-in, what shows up outside of his closet other than a werebat. I have invis to undead, which works well in Unrest for everything........ except werebats. It aggros and comes after me. I ignore it, walk to the next room and find the abomination there, and a dry bone skeleton. I aggro them both and try to pull them out. I make it to the side of the house only.

So another long run back to Unrest. You have become better at Swimming! (95). As I hustle back, I talk to the ranger again and say please, get this stupid thing before it depops or someone else shows up and wastes it. He was confused - no matter how often I said "Khrix Abomination", he kept going after the little gnome himself, and his skeletal pet too. So I watched the channel tells, and he says "I got the pet!". I'm thinking, well, OK if you have too.

"I got him!" Great, I'm almost there, swimming in Dagnors again.

"Huh, wait - the corpse disappeared" Heart attack. What? Did you loot it ?

"No, it just disappeared. The pet corpse is still here" No, we need the abomination. You fought something that looked like a ghoul right?

"No, the gnome who killed everyone" We need to find Khrix Abomination.

"Ahhhh - OK I see it on track"

I made it back to Unrest, rezzed myself and sat down to med. He prepped himself and I did the same. And finally, he pulled the thing and only the Abomination, out to the entrance.

I tried to nuke and was resisted three times. Ouch! Just too high level for me, it was very red. Ranger did a kiting type thing, hit it with dots and rooted it for awhile. I healed him once or twice. And ultimately, the Abomination went down. With a big sense of satisfaction, I looted the first item I need for the Dread Forged Shield.

So yes, even with lost XP this was a fun night, and was real progress. That shield will kick the ass of the Shiny Brass shield that Woundbane is using now.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Hammer levels

Hammerbreaker :Ding 42. At last. Grouped for awhile with a 59 druid looking for faction & quest items. This made it easy, but I fought anyway and got the needed healing from him. This way I was able to fight giants as well as the wolves.

I did get another Kromrif head. He got what he needed - dire wolf whiskers, and, so did I. Not sure what it's for but I will hang onto it on the assumption that it's needed at some point for the Coldain quests.

Parry & riposte now 200. Piercing jumped to 107. Damn, I got some nice criticals with the new Centi Warspear - 188 ! Alc Tol, even after like 50 ales last night, remains at 185.

Not sure what to do next, but he has another Temperance active, so I'll scout the wolves again at this level first - they may have all turned lt blue finally thus ending their use for XP. Probably should get into Eastern Wastes and hunt Tundra Kodiaks. Once the Temp wears off I should also get into Thurgadin and get one of the Coldain Quests started. And baking still calls, and I have lots of plat again.

Hatereaper :Ding 13. Squashed more bugs in Paludal. More, more, more bugs. I hate these bugs, both in character and for real. I'll still keep at it for awhile, as no other zone seems very appealing. I mean, up to 5% per kill ? And mobs you can single pull, DOT, press auto-attack and ignore? No, can't argue with that at all.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Crowded House

Woundbane :Crept up to 80% XP. When he arrived there were 20 people in there doing everything from the entrance with 12ish characters to a 60+ character powerleveling his cleric buddy in the fireplace room.

I made my way into the house hoping to find a mob to waste & then med. There was just nothing still - ?alive - in the house. Ended up hanging out with the powerleveler; since I left his mobs alone he was happy to let me loot corpses. Picked up a bunch of stuff, and some coins; he was picking up the easy to get to coins.

Did manage to catch maybe 3 mobs; a fourth popped on top of me and I wasted it. That annoyed my PL'er until I explained the situation to him. Then they poofed without a word.

By this time there was only a 3-person group working the mansion front door, so I grouped up with them for awhile. The XP was lousy as they pulled low-level mobs, I got bored, so I decided to call it quits for Woundbane.

Littleoak :Got tired of having him XP in the Misty Thicket. Decided he should move on to Shadeweaver's Thicket instead, as he can collect the ever-sellable shadeling silks there while fighting. Got there & collected a few before logging off.

It was also a good day for bazaaring - sold tuna and various other things for just under 1k plat.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Bye Mistmoore

Bravestone :93% XP. Fought in the Unrest yard for a while, in the midst of a large group of powerlevelers. Did get a pull every time I tried for one, which made it a good night there. Nothing worse than everyone fighting over what to kill.

Logged him when the baby needed attention.

Woundbane :60% XP. Fought for awhile in Mistmoore with a basic group, before I realized both nights I was fighting here...... I was bored. This place is just boring! You can barely advance, the monsters pop quickly, they are dark elves in the entryway so no Undead nukes, and they are wizards which kind of sucks. So I left and got started towards Unrest again. Didn't make it all the way, sleep overcame me.

Bazaaring went well again, another 1K in abysmal fish. It was amazing when I went to sell the Blood Wolf Harness. The bazaar price at the low end is about 5p, yet the thing sells to a vendor for 9p and change. I sold it to the vendor.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

So Much

Woundbane : Gated back to the PoK, and got my missing spells. Except the 20% rez which I had to run over to Rivervale for.

Made his way back to Unrest and had to gate after an overpull. So since I was a bit tired of soloing here I ran him down to Mistmoore to check out the "Hot Spot". Yes, the XP is pretty good - managed to get to 45% with just a few mobs. Got a basic group going and we sat in the entrance and pulled.

Bazaaring went well today, another 1k plat from Abysmal fish. Also bought Hammer a Centi Warspear for his piercing.

Bravestone :Ran him back to Unrest and got a group going. Even with one death he made it to 75% XP over a short session. Bravestone took the Walrus Tooth which Hammer used to use.

Littleoak :XP'd for awhile in Misty Thicket. Got the Shield of Da Bashers for his range slot. Now using the Serpentine Bracer as well.

Bonebank :Ding 4. Went through the tutorial section of the game at last.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Slaps forehead

Hammerbreaker :Wanted to progress with him, even if only a tiny bit. Went back to Great Divide, with a Temperance, and tried unsuccessfully to get a group.

Tried soloing a Frost Giant Scout. Nope, still can't do it. He matched me hit for hit, and it would have been blind luck which of us went down first. Ran away and sat down, then I killed about 10 wolves and achieved 60% xp. Decided to log.

Woundbane : 19% xp. Could not get a group with him either - Unrest was much less busy tonight. So went up to the second floor for soloing. Scouted around while invisible to undead, and thankfully no werebats were around to cause problems.

The first staircase has a spawn near the landing, and in a room down the hall as well. Took these guys out no problem, but had to med up; as everything is on a 22 minute timer the medding was not a problem. Next to the staircase is a strange stairway to nowhere; up there was another carrion ghoul. This guy was a problem - he started to run, I moved after him readying a root spell, and I got stuck in the wall. After hitting a rewind, he had brought three friends. Unsure of my chances (lt blues and greens - maybe I could have done it, maybe not) I zoned out. Was a bit tired of all this so I logged.

While logging I was talking with someone about level 24 spells. Apparently, I'm an idiot. There are several important spells I missed including greater healing (300pt), 20% rez, and Ward of Vie which may be an LDoN spell. Remove lesser curse is also available but I have so few LDoN points. Tonight I need to buy these, I figured out who to get them from in the PoK library.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Unrest Balcony

Woundbane :Ding 27 - 10% XP. Spent the night in Unrest, and early on met up with a guildie cleric. She was grouped with two lvl 20 friends, and one had a 55+ druid powerlevling them. I managed to get into their group.

We traveled into a part of the house I'd never been too, the balcony overlooking the front yard. Had to run up I think 3 levels to get there. Then we fought the spawns on the balcony every 22 mins, which were hags and greater darkbone skellies, and pulled from other areas of the house including the undead bar.

We took out the Undead Barkeep twice and as I was asking for them, the group gave me the Opalline earrings. +2 AC and +5 CHA. Nice - so now Woundbane actually has useful items in his earring slots, instead of just jewelry. I need to have him keep this up and get ugly old Hammer a pair too.

The Hags are every bit as nasty as people say. They would spawn, and if we didn't watch closely, they would start to cast and hurt us. The skellies were tough too. Given a 55ish druid taking care of heals, I nuked and then sat. Basically I played wizard for the night. My Dismiss Undead spell does about 145 damage with each hit; takes out tormented dead in like 2 hits. I love doing that, plus the image of this guy wasting all the undead in the name of all that's holy is pretty cool.

Eventually I filled up on loot and had to sell, gated out, and while I was doing that they deformed the group. Just managed to run back to Unrest and then logged. What a great session ! A full level, plus two useful items.

Bravestone :Ran out of Unrest to the bank to check on equipment upgrades in the shared slot. Now have a bronze bracer (AC 7) instead of cloth (AC 1).

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Jumping around

Littleoak : Played for a bit after trying to get the PC Gamer Shield for him. Technical difficulties got in the way. Not sure if it's something Sony-side, or my side. Have to try again in a day or so.

In the meantime filled out his bank with 10-slot boxes and did a little bit of XP'ing.

Hammerbreaker : Now at 55% xp. Frustrated by the cost of baking I just decided to bring him out to Great Divide and solo some wolves. Then I was lucky enough to accidentally pull the Drakkel Blood Wolf - much harder foe, something of an undercon, and I trained him back to the PoK portal book. There I got a group with a shaman and a cleric, and we toasted the bastard. Got a nice belt off of it too.

We fought for awhile next to the Wizard Spires. The shammy needed Kromrif heads and he got two. The giants are still real tough for me at my level; would be interesting to try and solo one anyway.

Woundbane : XP up to 10%. The will to play was overcome by sleep though. Then, after I got wakened up....

Bonebank :Xp'd up to 70%. It's interesting playing a literally naked character, given that I got twinked really quick on Tunare. Shoot, I've never even *seen* another player when using him. Kept bashing skellies in the Paineel newbie area.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Nail Biter Night

Woundbane : Ding 26, with maybe 5% xp. Spent the night in the Unrest torture chamber again. This time it was just me and a shadowknight - I healed a lot but had to fight a lot as well.

She hadn't been to Unrest before so I showed her around and helped her get started. We pulled two trains out of the house, then got better at it. Still, there were no less than 4 deadly fights, with us both staying alive just barely by the skin of our teeth. We took out up to 6 tough mobs, like skeletal monks and dry-bone skellies, and finished them off when out of mana and health beat way down. If I still didn't have Temperance on me, it would have been a failure.

As it was she got killed on our very first train but I got away. I rezzed her & we continued. And so, when it's all said and done, we had an absolute blast and we got good money each (about 40p!).

Messed around with the other characters, but I was sleepy. Then EQ locked up, twice. Anyway, nothing of note happened with any of them, other than no more than 5% xp.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Woundbane levels

Woundbane : Ding 24 - then 25. New spells, including better buffs, and an even better Undead nuke ! And 60% of the way to 26.

Was soloing for awhile, got killed once doing it, then got it down pat. There's a couple ways to solo in this place at about 23 -

a) Side door. Go to the northwest corner of the yard, and pull things from that door. A bit difficult, as most of the mobs seem to get scooped up by other players, but doable if there's nobody there. There's one spawn that gets left alone all the time, tucked away in a closet-like space.

b) From front door. This doesn't work too well if people are at the entrance as they tend to get trained, but you can walk into the front door and pull from the front, or the two front corner rooms. Pull by rooting one mob; there's almost always two. The other one will come charging, and you want to lead it right to the entrance.

If you go this far, the rooted mob will only walk to the bottom of the house steps after root breaks, and then he just stands there. So waste the one that followed you, med up if needed, and go back for the other punk.

Had a good time grouping with all for two days. Then I managed to get in with a warrior who was getting PL'ed. This is how I finally got the levels; with a high-level cleric keeping us alive how can you complain ? Nuke, med, loot. Ran off to sell once.

We were camped in the torture room; right after you enter, there's a room in front of you that can only be entered from the sides and rear. Stairs go up to the 2nd level. We sat in the chamber and the warrior pulled them down here, and they went down like wheat before the scythe. The stuff that popped in there just made things more interesting. Even bigggg pulls, like 6 or so creatures, were no problem.

Eventually, we got a massive overpull that we couldn't handle and we both got killed. After the corpse recovery, our powerful friend went linkdead and our evening was over. But what a blast. I still owe my warrior friend 30p so hope he's on tonight.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Cleaning em out

Woundbane : Now 70% XP. Grouped with a warrior and a necro, and pulled things from the house. Several times had massive overpulls and had to run; but several times we wasted everything that came out. Since we had a warrior I mainly healed, but I got a few nukes in as well.

The money was good. These guys just did not want to loot. So I said screw it and looted everything, and turned on split. At the end of the night I gated back to PoK, sold & banked, and managed to place 60 plat in the shared bank for Hammer. I thought it would be more, but I want Woundbane to have some walking-around money.

The last two nights I've really enjoyed being a cleric. Small groups, pickup style, no wandering around LFG or waiting for the right levels to show up. And the powerups for the adventure stone are not really worth the effort - unless it's fun. Level 24 in this zone sounds good.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Into the house

Woundbane : Ding 22; 30% XP. Killed many mummies ghouls and skeletons inside the house. Grouped with a paladin and a druid. We had a massive overpull which was actually a blast - About 8 undead showed up at first. One ghoul ran after getting knocked down, and brought back about 3 friends eventually. Still, we prevailed - the paladin was down to 30% health and I was out of mana. Fun !

Not only that but got out of the night with like 30+ plat. And Rawhide leggings - see ya later cloth pants ! Not sure how much plat to keep on Woundbane for spells. Maybe 500 is fine, in which case I can share the remainder and get Hammer the money he needs. IE, that would mean about 100 plat to give back.

Hatereaper : Some more XP'ing. Squashed a few bugs, and is now up to 55% XP. His meditate skill needs a lot of work - 19 is just a bit low. At least it's easy to skill that up ! Sit on your butt and watch the skillups accumulate.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Woundbane : Tried to get a LDoN going but the people getting it together took forever, so I gave up. On the plus side practiced his abjuration skill, got it up 15 points to 95.

I think Woundbane should go back to Unrest for awhile. He can either be a battle cleric, or get a small group going there. For whatever reason I'm not enjoying him in the LDoN groups at all; each time it's just a boring grind for money, XP, and successes. Maybe it'll be more fun in a few levels.

Bravestone :
XP up to 15% in Unrest. Apparently, the way he'll need to do things is go to the far wall in the yard, almost directly behind the house. From there, you enter in the west-side door and can single pull, and he managed to do this once. The rest of the time, I kept running into dark blues wandering the yard - there were others there powerleveling and some got away from them. So I took 'em :) .

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The whole weekend

Hammerbreaker : Spent a lot of time with only a little progress, unfortunately. Brewed another large stack of gnomish spirits. This took quite a bit of time as getting ahold of rat ears and spider legs is not a simple and straightforward thing. Maybe this recipe isn't all that great anyway. Regardless, it harly matters, as I got to 95 brewing which was the goal. Or should I say sub-goal.

So next I set up for a run of beer-battered crab/tuna. Decided to do 100 of them, and made it tuna. Tuna doesn't sell as easily in the bazaar, and it gives a charisma boost which Hammer sorely needs. First step was, turn 1 lb tuna into tuna meat. Jeez, was that boring. One combine each click, none failed, just hit the buttons as fast as possible.

Next came acquiring all the junk for beer-based batter. While everything is store-bought, as I've mentioned the sugar is expensive. Sugar costs (are you sitting down?) 6 gp and change each bag. This means I spent 60 plat just on the sugar. Note to self : get more charisma gear before the next run.

Bought the other 5 ingredients next. Had several failures, but ended up with 88 jugs of batter.

Third step : Make the meat beer-battered. I'm still way over trivial, and I think I ended up with about 80 of them.

Final step : Buy bat wings and combine with the beer-battered tuna. Here's the money step, where I start to get skillups.

Or not.

About 80 combines, and the whole thing took forever. 60 platinum or more. And not one skillup. Argh, I know the skillups come few and far between at this level (190), but that hurts, partially because it's the most complicated recipe I've attempted, but mostly because it costs a bleeding fortune !

And so with that defeat, Hammer logged for the weekend. Oh, and no points in alc tol either. I'm going to hold off more baking until he has more plat. No way is he going to dip below 9k just to bake.

Bazaar : The bazaar was good to me. I sold another 700+ pounds of abysmal fish. I also sold the gnomish spirits I brewed up, surprisingly. My plat bank is now up to 9k !

I should have Hammer verify it, but the rumor is you can't fish right now in the Abysmal sea. If you can't fish, or it's really hard to do, that would explain my good sales. I'm getting close to running out of fish too.

Bravestone : Ding 18. Continued destroying the undead in the Unrest yard, but hit a snag. After becoming 18 everything turned light blue. Now it'll be time to pull things from the front door as carefully as possible, and I wasn't up for that immediately.

Hatereaper : Ding 12. Achieved the goal of getting the meditate skill, so now he doesn't have to be so parsimonious with the use of mana. Then again, it's not as if his spells are hugely useful yet. That level 1 lifetap is getting too weak; the disease cloud spell mostly offsets natural regeneration; his pet is a joke. I like the siphon strength still - somewhere around 10 points and it lasts quite a while.

He's smashing bugs in the Paludal caverns. Now have passed the first lake out of Shadeweaver's, and just at the entrance to the second, off to the east. The other mobs are all green and light blue there, then a descent leads to the lake, and right at the landing are two single-pullable bugs. They pop as anything from light blue, to yellow. Whatever they are, they are single pullable, and are all easily killable at full power. Should be able to get to 15 sooner rather than later.

Littleoak : Ding 8. Now have meditate, and trained forage up to 15. I think I'll train weapons from here on out though as I doubt I'll be hitting so much in later levels.

Littleoak improved his evocation skill quite a bit, while trying to get at a mob in the Misty Thicket named "Old gourd-head". It seems he is untargetable untill all his helpers, a bunch of skeletons and diseased rats, are killed off. They are good experience so I spent two levels working that up. Only got killed once, but at level 8 it's just an irritation instead of any kind of a problem to get killed.

I couldn't work fast enough to kill all the other creatures. That's OK. I think this will be his leveling area as the mobs are all single-pullable, and I have the option of running to the guards nearby if things don't work well. Even the yellows are soloable.

Now he can act more like a real druid and use his mana a bit. Snare wears off pretty fast at this level and he doesn't yet have SOW. Still, I can get my feet wet on kiting.

It's about time to think about goals again for each character.
Hammerbreaker : 201 baking and damn the expense. 11 points to go.
Bravestone : Get 20 for LDoN capability. New spells at 19 or 20 too.
Hatereaper : Get 15 for new spells & adventurer's stone.
Littleoak : Hit 9 and get new spells.
Woundbane : Get 10 LDoN wins (now at 3).

Others - I simply need to play Bloodskull occasionally. Haven't played him for a long time. That's kind of dumb - I was having fun with the beastlord, not sure why I stopped. I deleted my enchanter. I want a slot open for any temporary character I need. 6 characters, 1 open slot, 1 bazaar trader. I'm full.